Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Building Good Relationship with your partner

Enhancing relationship with your spouse,God created us for relationship,and marriage is one of these.Marriage is his idea,intending it to be the closest and most sacred humand bond.In our fast-track and pull-apart word,people have defined marriage in various ways-heaven,a lottery,a monopoly,a bargain,atomb, hell,etc.Yet in spite of all the confusion and disillussion today,the Christian marriage can be all that God designed it to be.When a couple agree to walk together,they accept each other's beliefs,hopes,and desires.They work through the expectations each brings to the relationship.This is a lifetime process.So marriage - in order to kept vibrant,exciting and alive- has to be nurtured and cared for.Strong marriege are built on divergent personalities who use thier individuality to build channels of communication,to understand one's partner,and to develop sensitivity and compassion.

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  1. Good job yang, nakapost ra gyud ka hehehe.

    very well said.